Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning at Height

You will often find the first impression counts, especially if you own or manage a prestigious looking building. They look great when they are first built, but after a few months and years they can look old and dirty, when in fact it is only the surface which needs cleaning and brightening up. 

Whether your building has a modern rendered finish, a stylish cladding envelope, or brickwork it’s appearance can probably be improved once the grime is removed. Whether it is a hot-steam pressure wash or a chemical wash an appropriate method can be agreed to deliver a clean finished result.

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See the results below of our recent work.

Operated Cherry Picker Hire

Cherry Picker Hire with IPAF certified operator. 22 metres (72ft) height 15 metres (49ft) outreach. Basket for 2 people or 200kg weight limit.